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Reach your peak! We help you attract more clients and followers, maintain a great reputation and grow the bottom line.


Want everyone to know about your business? With a good marketing strategy, we can increase your business name recognition, customer traffic, product sales, client engagement, and profitability. By combining tools like social media, advertising, promotional materials, events, website development, media relations, and even leadership mentoring, we can grow your business and achieve your goals together.

Social Media

Social media reaches more people, and more customers, than virtually any communications tool. It can be the perfect place to affordably establish a presence and build trust with the people you want to reach…and who want to reach you. But, you need an effective strategy and the time to implement it. Stewart can help you create and carry out that strategy with an engaging, authentic voice…giving you more time to focus on your passion.


Grand openings, groundbreakings, fundraisers, even the “crazy” ideas like an online fashion show are all opportunities to get people talking and visiting your business. Of course, a successful event takes time, planning, and attention to every detail. From logistics to promotions, let the Stewart team make the process easy and your event memorable.

Crisis Management

No one expects an issue to actually threaten their reputation and damage their business, but it happens every day. Who do you call when your name goes viral for the wrong reasons or you get a call from a local reporter? When fighting for your life, Stewart is here 24-7 with experience few can match.
But why wait for trouble to strike? Foresight and a plan can eliminate issues before they lead to disaster. We develop effective strategies to eliminate risks before they lead to problems.

About Us

Stewart Communications is a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs. Headquartered in Franklin, NC, our team of experienced professionals can help your passion succeed with integrated marketing strategies to create solutions, tell your story, build your brand and grow your market.

Our Experience

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Ewell Smith

Mission Chefs

Our inaugural efforts to feed the homeless and veterans with America’s best chefs in New Orleans competed with the massive Jazz & Heritage Festival, a PGA Golf Tournament, Navy Week and hard news events. Stewart Communications convinced every TV station and local newspaper to cover our event. The success was a testament to the relationships Stewart creates with the media, and their ability to make even the smallest event newsworthy.

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Our Work

Here is a small sample of the work the Stewart Team has created in the past.

Our Services

As a one-stop-shop with decades of experience, we provide your business, agency, or non-profit, the tools you need to achieve any goal. Let us know how we can help you succeed.


Marketing is essential for businesses and non-profits to attract new customers and followers, build brand awareness and increase the bottom line.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the most cost-effective tools to reach large target audiences, increase brand awareness, and authentically engage with current and future clients.

Website Development

Websites are essential for creating a professional online presence, to sell products and services, collect donations, and plan events. For many, no website means no business.


Get people talking with creative ways to attract customers, stand out in a crowd, and have fun. Special events offer a special recipe for success.

Reputation Management

Be the community leader, the positive force, the expert even if your passion is threatened. We manage issues, and see around corners and into the future to avoid problems.

Graphic Design

Beauty and clear messaging go hand-in-hand with great graphic design. For websites, brochures, social media images, advertising, banners and more, every message needs an artist.


Regulations and public policies don’t just happen. Our bi-partisan experience in federal, state and local politics help us educate, advocate and mobilize influencers to achieve your goals.

Public Relations

A complete PR strategy is the total integrated package of marketing, media relations, advertising, social media, events and reputation management to tell your story and grow your passion.

Business Consulting

Leaders can miss the forest for the trees. We can help identify opportunities for growth, improve operations, develop success strategies and avoid pitfalls.


Copywriting can help small businesses create effective marketing messages, improve website content, and increase conversions through persuasive writing.

Data Management

Data management helps businesses and non-profits target their messages, focus goals, streamline operations and better customer satisfaction through effective use of data.


Use your advertising budget wisely by reaching the right markets, through the best channels with good copywriting and beautiful design.

Our Team

Our Team is experienced in marketing, social media, graphic design, web development and more, and in virtually every major industry. Let us help you reach you communications goals.

Morgan Stewart

Morgan’s experience includes over three decades of marketing, event management, social media, website design, advertising, Corporate Social Responsibility, employee communications, government relations and crisis management for small businesses, non-profits, economic development entities, two Fortune 200 companies, and the Virginia governor’s office.

His charitable work includes The Special Liberty Project, St. Baldrick’s Foundation, Children’s Hospital of Richmond, and the Louisiana SPCA. He served on the boards of the Virginia Public Safety Foundation, Christopher Homes, and SE Louisiana Boys and Girl’s Club.

Tracy Griffith

Tracy is our events specialist. “Beautiful”, “well-designed”, “scripted” and “within budget” are the kind of feedback we get from clients working with Tracy on their events. Her experience includes the Rotary Club, Special Liberty Project and Shriners Children’s Hospitals, among others. Franklin residents know her for her business support. Her varied career spans 33 years in several industries including healthcare, food service, hospitality, and retail. And if that’s not enough, she is ordained to perform marriage ceremonies.

David Oakes

David is an Army veteran and graphic designer with  more than 30 years experience. He has designed magazine ads, newspaper ads, billboards, logos and emails for many nationally known companies such as Pepsi, AAA, Toyota, Nothing Bundt Cakes, On the Border Restaurants, Woodhouse Day Spas, Holiday Inn, Hooters, and Dairy Queen.

His volunteer work includes The Special Liberty Project, 828 Vets, Warrick Dunn Charities and Four Seasons Hospice.

Aaron McKeon

Not only does Aaron have extensive experience in web development and management information systems, he has a rich background spanning many areas of business. This means you’ll get not only top-notch web development, but advice and decisions driven by the underlying needs of the business. His career started early as a teenage entrepreneur developing websites and databases. He then graduated with honors from Babson College with a degree in Business Administration and Management Information Systems. His 15-year career started in IT and then moved from sales and marketing to operations and general management. After deciding to move to the countryside with his wife and young kids, he left the corporate world and returned to his original passion of web development.

Melonie Stewart

As our leading management coach, Melonie offers 35 years of corporate executive experience in utility operations, government relations, marketing, charitable contributions, customer service, mergers and acquisitions, and crisis management for the Entergy Corporation’s largest and most prominent companies, and its highest profile projects.

Her charitable work includes The Special Liberty Project, Rotary, and Boy’s Town. She served on the boards of Greater New Orleans, Inc., Boy’s Town and the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce.

Joe Griffith

Joe is a seasoned business consultant with over 15 years of experience in advising small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on strategy, operations, and finance. He has helped countless business owners identify and capitalize on growth opportunities, improve their profitability, and navigate challenging market conditions. Joe’s expertise includes market research, financial analysis, and business planning, and he is known for his ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and concise manner. He is passionate about helping businesses succeed and is committed to building long-term relationships with his clients. In his free time, Joe enjoys traveling with his family.